Value of Un-Biased Testing

Make Sure You Are Equipped With Accurate and Un-Biased Information.
It's important to know that your mold assessment is accurate and unbiased in order to truly know the extent of the problem and properly decide on a course of action. The only way to insure the reliability of a mold inspection is to make sure that the inspection company has nothing to gain from the results and does not benefit financially from the mold removal. 

An un-biased mold clearance test is your only way to know if the mold remediation was successful.

MOLD TESTING: There are two sides to every story - THEN THERE'S THE TRUTH...
When you hire AirQuality Services for mold inspection and mold testing services, you can count on accurate and un-biased information from SW Florida's most trusted inspection company.

If you suspect you have a mold problem, whether mold is visible or not, one call to AirQuality is all it takes to be sure. Our only interest is in providing our clients with accurate reporting of the data we collect in the course of the inspection process and reliable results of mold tests and samples.

To schedule an Un-Biased test call AirQuality Services and talk to one our service representives.